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Is it too late to change my subjects??

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So I started my DP in September and now it's December. My HLs are physics chemistry math and English and SLs are business and french.

i was going to planning to go into a engineering direction but now I'm definite to go towards architecture but I realised that I need a portfolio of at least 12 pieces.

its been 3 months into the programme and the art students have already done 2 pieces and 2 essays and I'm not too sure I'll be able to catch up. Is it too late to try and change???

SOS 😩😩

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Hi, the best way you can find out is by talking directly to your school's administration/coordinator. Try not to worry. It is good that you know have realized and developed some passions. Wanting to change is completely normal. People will understand whether or not it is practically possible.

Send admin/coordinator a brief email now and just proposing a time in the near, near future for a meeting in person. You can even make a short reference to wanting to change courses. Then just be honest, tell the person that you want to switch, ask if it is possible, pragmatic, can you be accommodated, etc. If you want you can also talk to the teachers who teach the courses you want to switch to before so that you also have their perspective. Also, if they say it's okay, then your coordinator will also probably say it's okay.

Good luck and serene vibes.

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