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How hard does this sound?

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So at the moment, I am a sophomore. I am planning for the diploma at the moment. I have a schedule worked out. I know this is subjective, but can anybody share which of the subjects I chose are/were hard for them and if possible, exactly what aspect of them was easy/hard. Also, what was your homework like in each of these classes? 

Spanish B SL

English A language & Literature SL

History HL

Physics HL

Math SL (Possibly switching to HL)

Biology HL (Possibly switching to SL if math changed to HL)

ToK (of course)


Thanks for any advice.

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Given that you have already taken Spanish, you should be able to judge how hard that will be. If you're the best in your class now, you'll probably be very good in IB. Likewise, if you're struggling now, it will probably be difficult. My person opinion is that IB's language B expectations are very easy to meet and if you practice outside of the class just a little bit you'll become quite good and the language course should be easy. That requires self-motivation though.

History HL generally isn't a too rigorous course in terms of workload (like all IB courses, individual teachers control workload so this won't necessarily be the case for you) but it is a hard subject to score a 7 in–it's also a subject that most kids don't fail. They've slightly changed the IA from when I did it and instructed teachers to give more class time but it was very difficult when I did it. One of the tougher IA's.

Math HL. If you do the homework in math, are methodic about doing problems and only then checking answers, you will do at least okay. Math HL is a lot of work, but if you like math it truly is a good course. I can sincerely say the Math HL IA is the most difficult IA I ever had without a question.

I did Biology SL thinking I would hate it, but I loved it. I did have a good teacher though.

TOK really depends on your teacher. I really understood what we were going for in the presentation and gave a good, traditional presentation that scored well. I tried to write an interesting essay that had an unconventional angle (I'm not saying it was good, it was just different than what I think they'd expected) and didn't score well on that.

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