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Should I do 2 HL Sciences + HL Math??

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Hey everyone.

So next year I’m going into the IB with-

English A Literature, Chinese B, Economics, Chemistry, Maths HL and Physics.

I really wanted to do Film HL but I thought it’s better to keep my options open and do two sciences instead as I would like to study engineering or medicine in uni. 

So im just wondering, would doing HL maths, physics and chemistry be way too much? I really love maths and I’m pretty decent at it. I’m also pretty good with managing workloads and im really interested in sciences but I still want to get a good final grade. 

Or would it be better to swap HL chemistry for HL Economics? 

Thanksss :) 


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HL in Math, Physics, Chemistry is generally manageable when you are good at math because the way to study is very similar for those 3 subjects: read textbook and do lots of problems.

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