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Bio Chem BM HL, what can I study and take up as a job in the future?

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I've taken Biology, Chemistry and Business management HL along with English Maths and French (ab) SL. I study IB in India and I would like to know about my options. Medical is the first thing to come to mind but that would require Physics and I do not want to take it up. I am planning to study in India because my dad doesn't want me to study abroad for god knows why and I was wondering what course I could take in Indian colleges


I am aware that abroad universities do not require Physics for studying medicine  

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If you want to do something related to business then you have to do economics HL/SL

And there are a few universities in India which recognizes IB you can check the website.

The website may be helpful, because it might have the required criteria your looking for 

for example, if your gonna do BBA then the uni might consider ur BM and Economics grade points  

GOOD LUCK, with what ever you choose  

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