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Hi guys! 

Right now I’m in 11th grade and I was wondering what my chances are in getting into the UC schools + duke and northwestern, I'm even thinking of applying to Stanford and Yale. Both my mom and grandfather went to Yale if that helps...

Here are what I’m pretty sure my grade will be like:

- physics HL (7) 

- visual arts HL (6 maybe a 7)

- geography HL (7)

- French B HL (7)

- Math SL (7)

- English Lang and lit (5 maybe 6)

Basically I could get a 37-41 IB possible, (not counting EE and TOK) but I think I’ll get around a 40 or 41

I have a 4.6 weighted GPA

SAT (new): 1490 / 1600 BUT I did very bad on the essay... 5-3-5...


- I’m in the national honors society + will continue next year

- yearbook club since last year and will continue next year

- I have a job during summer (working at a camp) I’ve been doing this since I was 14

- I’ve played volleyball since 5th grade, i was captain of the JV team in 9th grade, got onto varsity in 10th grade and I’m pretty sure I’ll be captain next year

- I’m in band since 5th grade + I went to honour band twice (both both times in middle school) and I am first chair + will be next year


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