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Hi I do the IB certificate program and I do maths study. For my maths studies IA I am interested to a math IA on food. I am not sure what research question I should do my maths IA on food. I would need at least 50 pieces of data.

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Assuming you're looking into a correlation IA I have a couple of suggestions.

Not sure if you'd be interested but you could investigate the relationship between a country's reliance on agricultural exports as a percentage of trade revenue with their Gross Domestic Product or GDP per capita. This information should be readily available for developed countries a substantial amount of developing countries.

That's probably not what you meant when you said 'food' but it could yield some interesting results, especially for developing countries if you can get your hands on the data. 

Alternatively you could look at the relationship between the amount of sugar/fat/protein in a food/drink (as a percentage of its weight) and compare this with the price for that weight. Could give some insight into obesity and global health trends, but I feel it could be overlooking a lot of other variables.

Just some ideas, feel free to reject them if they're horrible or you don't think they'd be appropriate (I don't do Math Studies so I'm not 100% familiar with the requirements, 

Hope that helps :) 

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