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From Math SL to Math HL pamoja (Online course), for Economics university future

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Now at the start of my 2nd term, 2nd year, I'm facing a choice...

I'm very sure that i want to study an Economics course at a "better" University, One thing that I noticed (and I hope, not to late) is that both
LSe (London School of Political Science and Economics), University of Cambridge and -Oxford requires Math HL (a score of 6 and 7)
(LSe seems to accept Math SL but prefer HL)

[Correct me if Im wrong]

I have Math SL, and Math HL isn't offered at my School but I've seen that you can take Online course, at Pamoja (Fee: initial $300, and later $1000). The fee is something Im probably going to be forced to cover myself.

Is there any chance at getting into LSe, either BSc Economics and Ecometrics, BSc Philosophy and Economics
with an overall score of say 40, filling the requirements of 7 6 6, and Math SL?

Or if Im going to switch to Math HL, is it Worth it? Is Pamoja good?
My math ability is medium (Lack a good Foundation, havent taken Math seriously during a notable part of school, and I'm maybe to optimistic of achieving such a good Math HL grade needed for LSe or overestimating my Math ability or how diligent I am), but I'm very studious and isn't afraid to start and study very much now.

By switching to Math HL I would also be a half year behind in that course and havent and idea of how big the difference is between Math SL and HL

Otherwise, what is the "best" University in the UK that accepts an IB student with;
40 Points
7 7 6, or 7 6 6 (Economics HL, History HL and English A)
Math SL 6 or 7
(If I would achieve such good grades)
Thanks for any answers!


I could also be focused on applying to a "more prominent" University...


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