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General Tips to help me Pass IB Exams

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Hi everyone.

I'm a bad test taker, and I just don't study that much. If I do study, I'll only study for the "easier" classes like English Literature, or Biology (but I mean they are my only IB classes, as I'm doing IBCP). So far I've been doing good on my tests, especially the ones in IB Biology (but they're not like the IA, or IOP type tests like in English) but like class tests. But I don't think those would be a good measuring stick to determine if I'll pass my IB exams or not, despite my teachers saying they pulled them from actual, previous IB exams. But what're some things I should start doing in my classes, or even now, to help prepare me for those final IB exams?

Thank you.


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Well, I can help with biology in terms of how to prepare. 


Biology is heavily based on memorisation. There's a lot of content that has to be memorised in order to score the marks, especially in Section B. For things such as transcription, translation, muscle contraction, the menstrual cycle you have to know the specific words. Know which end of DNA the RNA polymerase binds to, know the different hormones released in different parts of the menstrual cycle. The best way to do it is by making essay plans, or mind maps. I personally like mind maps on flashcards, as that's how I learn for biology and chemistry the best. It might work for you as well, so worth giving it a try. 

In classes, make sure to listen and ask questions if you don't understand something. Peer pressure might make you want to stay quiet, but that's the worst thing you can do. It's easy to fall behind by not asking questions. Make concise notes and try colour-coding to make them more appealing. It doesn't work for me personally, but I know someone it does work for. 

Also, Nature of Science is very important for our exams. You have to know the history and discoveries of different aspects of biology - such as the proof for the non-existence of spontaneous creation of life by Louis Pasteur. Try using the IB books and summarise these in one folder or notebook. It'll be easier to keep track of things that way. 

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