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IBPPS - Language Portfolio Questions

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Hey everyone.

I'm doing IBCP. For anyone who knows, for my IB Personal and Professional Skills course, we have to complete something called a Language Portfolio (for those of you who know, and are doing IBCP, and are or have taken the IBPPS course). Anyhow, I was wondering what is an effective or great way to log your language hours? Like if taking screenshots on Duolingo good enough? Also, how does IB know that we actually completed fifty hours of our Language Portfolio? 

And I know this is completely random, but I feel it's kind of cheesy the way we have do it. Like what I mean by that is, couldn't some just easily forge their "work?" I mean that's too much effort, and of course, being an IB Student, the expectation is academic integrity of course. But, I mean -- maybe you guys understand what I mean. 

Thank you.


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