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English lit EE topic help

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PLEASE HELP! Im exploring a topic for EE. I want to write about "A thousand splendid suns" by khaled hosseini, and i want to explore the idea of feminism and woman empowerment. The author attempts to show the female characters as strong characters, but in reality this results in the demoting of the female characters as it is demeaning her merely to a supporting character in the background of the males' life. 
Does anyone have any suggestions or thoughts about this? ANYTHING HELPS!

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We are unable to provide points for you - after all, it is your individual research. what's important is that you brainstorm as many ideas as possible, and go out of your comfort zone. What I mean by that is that you try to look at your points you might have and try to find contradictions in the novel. This way you'll be able to have a variety of views and points which might actually change your overall question you might have composed beforehand. Try something like a mind map for example. Reading some critics' reviews might be helpful as well, but it could influence your opinion and view a lot, so be wary of that. :yep: 

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