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Will replication of Asch for IA be acceptable?

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Long story short, my IB Psych SL class was recently collapsed into an 'independent study class' following some issues with our previous teacher, and we're working on revising our IA drafts with guidance from our coordinator (who teaches psych, but not at IB level). We've just been given access to a number of materials (including the correct rubric) for the IA for the first time, and one of my classmates is freaking out because of the condition that conformity and obedience studies are not ethically acceptable to replicate. He replicated Asch 1951, the one with the lines and the confederates, and at the time our previous teacher didn't say anything about it, but suffice it to say that she didn't exactly know a whole lot about IAs. 

At this point, it's too late to redo his IA, so we're trying to assess damage. Is Asch 1951 acceptable, will he get points knocked off design for ethical violations, or will the paper get thrown out entirely?


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Do not use Asch, it's pretty clear from the ethical guidelines for IA that the study isn't allowed. Stroop is the easiest to carry out at short notice in my opinion.

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