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[VA HL] "Fanarts" authorized?

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Hi everyone,

I hope you're all doing great.

I've finally reached the minimal number of artworks required, though I've been really worried about one specific thing recently: one of my work is a serie of sketches that led to my bigger artworks, so there's pretty much all the thoughts and mood I've been through during these 2 years. However, some of my work, if not a lot, are heavily inspired by movies/video games that touched me. I guess we can call them fanarts. Are these authorized by the IB? Am I risking to be contacted for plagiarism, or am I okay if I just cite where I got my inspirations from?

Thanks in advance for any kind of help, it'd help hugely.

Take care.

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Hey! (Hope this isn't too late of a response lol) In regards to fanart I've been told by my arts teacher that it can be construed as plagiarism even if credit is given. There is a really fine line between putting your own spin on something and "copying" and since IB is very strict, definitely ask your teacher. They'll be the best person to answer your question especially because they've seen your work. 


Good luck on your exams! :) 

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