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Can anyone inform about the CAS interviews? Are they a necessity without which you would fail your Diploma? If so, how many of such interviews need to be done? I have done 2 till now.




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Hi there!

I have had two CAS interviews - one at the beginning, and one at the end of my CAS. I am not sure what the amount necessary is, but I do know at least one (final) is needed to make sure you really did all your experiences and have actually learned from them. Many see it as a "tick a box" part of IB, and whilst to some extent it is one, it is there to help you grow as a person and expand your horizons. I got asked a few questions as to why I did the things I did, how they helped me gain more knowledge, and what some of the more memorable aspects of CAS were for me. 

Honestly, just go with what your supervisor says and you should be good. IB doesn't grade CAS and they aren't overly strict provided you give a decent reflection for all the work you've done (400-ish words minimum I'd say).

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