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Doing medicine in australia

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Hello Everyone

i was just looking to see Medicine Universities in Australia and im completely lost and have no idea what to do.So could anyone outline the australian medicine process for me, please??

( i have an australian passport but i do IB in Dubai)

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Hi there,

So to the best of my knowledge medicine in Australia is a post graduate degree. Some rudimentary googling told me that you need to do a degree like Bachelor of Medical Science or something. There are a ton of options really. 
So what I would do is get an idea of what unis you want. Then go to their websites and take a look.

Process-wise, when I applied (not for Med), it was just send a basic online app, if you meet the requirements you get a conditional offer, meet that get in. Pretty similar to the UK, and pretty simple to do really.


Hope this helps.

Best of luck!

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Guest TheMagical7

You can also do the UMAT and get into undergraduate, but you're in a different country so IDK.

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