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I'm thinking of doing the IB next year and these are my current subjects:

ITALIAN LANGUAGE A (SL)- self taught


SPANISH (SL//ab initio)




At the moment I'm doing well in both maths and biology, but I wanted to know which one is harder or which one is easier to get a better grade in?

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Heard from the seniors of my school that math HL is a very challenging course and it is MUCH harder comparing to SL. I would recommend taking SL, personally I think it is a much safer choice, but the difficulty of each IB course could be highly subjective. 

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The difficulty of the subjects really depends on the individual, so I would suggest having a look at the syllabus and trying to see if you can wrap your head around it. 

Generally, I think Math HL is very hard compared to SL. Are you doing an extended mathematics course or anything like that? If you aren't, then I would again suggest looking over the course syllabus, but all in all, HL is very challenging. As for biology, personally I find biology HL relatively easy and doable, but this really depends on the individual. I know people who find biology HL very hard, but chemistry HL doable, while for me it's the opposite. If you're doing well in biology now, it should be okay but try looking at a past paper and the website bioninja to have a feel for things, and whether you think it's suitable for you. 

Hope this helps, and feel free to PM me if you need more help!

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