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Hello Everyone!

I've heard that we can do 3 sciences in IB in some cases (which is not-regular diploma). But do anyone know if I can take the third science instead of the 3rd group (individual studies)??


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I'm fairly sure you will have to talk to your coordinator about that...it can vary school to school. From what I know and have seen, you must take individual studies (which i'm pretty sure includes psychology...somebody please correct me if i'm mistaken :) ) 

There's this girl I know however, she transferred schools to join the program. That was a special case, regardless she gets to take year 12 physics, a non IB course because her time table allowed it.

I'm just telling you what I know though. Its best to ask your coordinator because maybe you can dig out some space in your time table : ) good luck!

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Yes, you can. It only applies to special cases in which students want to study medicine in India, Pakistan, and the Netherlands. In these cases, your school ib coordinator has to contact the IBO so that you can get your diploma and not do group 3.

However, if you're ib coordinator doesn't do that, you most likely will not receive your diploma which would be really bad.

Taking 3 sciences isn't a part of the diploma and it isn't recommended bc group 3 classes are really essential and will help you so much later on.

Anyways, hope this helped!

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