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How do I get into Cambridge for Natural Sciences?

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Simple answer. You can't.


Your best bet is: do well in the IB, both for your predicted grades and actuals, nail the essay, the interview, and any tests they have. That will give you a good chance. There's no single formula to get into these universities. 


Also, if you don't get the required grades, you're not getting in. Simple as that.

Best of luck.

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In addition to that tragic truth, do try to fit in extracurriculars in. When competition comes in for entrance into uni, extracurriculars can be an asset with good grades.

As well, what is the required grade to get into Cambridge


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As people above me have already said, no one will ever guarantee you that you can get into some university. Cambridge and Oxford are very competitive, and often reject people you wouldn't expect to get rejected. In other words: you can't make sure you get into Cambridge. All you can do is give it your best shot. 

Also, if you don't have the required grades, then you're definitely not getting in. Sad, but true. 

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