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I need to finish up IB choices for next year?! Thanks for the help!!

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Hey, everyone, I'm a bit new to the forum so sorry if the post might be a bit complicated/unclear. I have a question supposed to get simple and nice/easy however it gets complicated sadly, about my IB choices...

So first of all, I think I'm a really good student this year (I like to think), so my grades are decent (mostly As). The thing is, I'm really not sure of what I would like to do in the future, and this is causing problems in terms of choices for my IB subjects. 

The topics in which I am the most interested in general (after high school, as a potential degree or something) would be the following: 
Business Management,

For the moment, in terms of my choices for the IB, I still have 9 subject choices open and need to cut down the options to 6!! Here are my options still left/which I think I'll take:
French A Lang. & Lit SL
English A Lit. SL
Physics/Chemistry/Biology HL
Economics/Psych/Business HL
Mathematics HL
Taking an extra subject (probs HL), no arts, so it would be an extra from the choices above.

My school told me they would authorize me to take 4 HLs if needed at the beginning of the school year and then drop one if I want to, or not, depending on how I would feel about it.

Sorry for the post being so long, but thanks for the help!! thanks for answering!! and thanks for reading!!

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Personally, I would recommend taking econ and psych based on the potential careers you want to do, and perhaps biology. This might eliminate engineering, however, because for engineering I think you need to take physics as HL, and math HL which you are already taking. Economics is multi-faceted from what I've heard, and for most business courses I don't think you need Business, but you might want to double check that. Psychology is relatively easy to score in and understand, especially if you find it interesting.

Out of the sciences, personally, I find biology the easiest - I wouldn't recommend taking chemistry unless you know you are good at it or if it's necessary for a course you want to pursue, which based on what you're interested in, doesn't seem so.  I would also recommend against taking 4 HLs, but people who took Math HL in my school took 4 HLs in case they found the course too hard, so this would mean they didn't have to do extra work catching up moving an SL subject to HL.

My answer's kind of all over the place, but I hope it helps somehow! Remember, ultimately this is your decision and you should look at uni requirements as well as the course outlines to see what you think you could do well in and find interesting. It's good that you're taking the time to research the subjects before choosing! Good luck!

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I recommend taking one group 4 at HL and one at SL because engineering typically requires math and 2 sciences. I recommend one of which to be physics. Other majors seem to be more flexible in entry requirements.

If you are getting additional diplomas in addition to IB, such as the bac, your course options may be very very flexible. 


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If you're struggling to make option choices I would definitely recommend starting with 4 HLs! that way you can start your courses without fretting (as much) about whether you're doing the 'right ones', and it gives you the breathing space to make a final decision when you're ready - right now it probably seems like there are so many things you kinda want to do, but once you actually get into lessons for a few weeks you'll be able to decide based on what you really enjoy (which is what's truly important) not just which might be good for university later on.  (I started with 4 HLs, but after 6 weeks actually dropped 2 of them to SL, dropped one of my SLs entirely and took up a completely different HL which i hadn't even been doing at SL to start with - it was a bit hectic at the time, but definitely worth it because now I'm doing courses that I enjoy and know I really want to do :))

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