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IB HL English Exam

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Hi guys!

I'm slightly confused about the IB HL English Exam. I know there are two papers but that's about it. Could someone give me a lowdown of how the exam works? What will I have to do? How are the texts I read during the year incorporated into this? How many works do I need to study for the exam? What kind of questions can I expect?

Thank you, 


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Paper 1 is a commentary. There are two options - poetry and prose. You pick one and write a commentary for two hours. 

Paper 2 is an essay based on a prompt. You get three (I think) choices in each category. The prompts ask you to base your essay on the works you read in class. At my school we read four plays for paper 2 - I don't know if there's a standard amount for this or not. 

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