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If I am unhappy with mock exams, could I improve my grades on real exams?

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So I was both happy and unhappy with some of my exam grades for my mocks. I was unhappy mostly with my biology and math mock exam grades, my first exam is Math, on May 2. I was wondering, is it possible to highly improve on the real exams then mocks? I am applying in Australia so only my real exam grades matter. Has anyone really improved on their real exams compared to their mocks?


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Oh definitely yes. My mocks were terribly bad that I nearly wanted to give up in the end, especially with my Chemistry Mocks that I have gotten a 3 (in the end I got a 6). Mocks tend to be harder, and the purpose of it is to know which area you are weak at. I'm sure if you review the areas that you are weak at, you can achieve a better grade. 

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