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Failing the IB and worried about my future now ironically

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The IB exams are happening right now and based on how my recent physics examination went, I'm not sure if I will be able to meet the minimum requirements for earning the IB diploma; a total score of 24 with a total of 12 with all of the higher level subjects combined with a 3 in only one of them. I mainly have two questions:

1. Do all IB schools provide a high school diploma to the students who fail to meet the requirements for the IB diploma or does this vary between schools?

2. I'm not sure about the nature of my acceptance to my college (due to scary comments from my parents and my councilor) but after scouring all of the emails that were exchanged and my own admissions page in that University, I was unable to find mention of "the IB diploma must be earned" or a minimum score level. On the acceptance page, it says " congratulations you have been accepted" and my courses+Visa process has already begun. Does this mean that the offer was unconditional/I will still be able to attend the University with a high school diploma?

I understand that I really need to get myself in order but it is the middle of the IB exams and I am trying my best on my remaining exams, I just need to know if I have doomed myself because I don't think I will be able to take a retake in during the November exams.


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