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How do grades work?

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If i get a 6 in an assessment that counts in the final grade, does it mean I cannot get a 7 in the end? Or if i get 6s for 50% of the grade and 7s for the other 50%, does that mean I will get a 6? Or a 7? Just want to know how the grading system works.

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IB does not award final grades based on 1-7 of individual assessments. Instead, IB calculates a weighted average out of 100% for each course. This will be compared to the final grade boundaries and a grade is assigned. In most cases, IA are worth 20-30% and the remaining are the final papers. That is to say, a 90% in the IA is less valuable than a 90% on the final. For example there is an IA worth 20%, a Paper 1 worth 40% and a Paper 2 worth 40%, and you scored 13/20, 75/90, and 82/90, respectively. The weighted average is 13/20 * 20% + 75/90 * 40% + 82/90 * 40% = 82.8% rounded up to 83%. The average of 83% will be compared to the grade boundaries and is often a 7, even though 13/20 is not a level 7 IA. 

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