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What does it mean to have an "extension" to your Maths IA?

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Hello, I have an enquiry about the Maths IA. Generally for IAs such as chemistry and biology, an extension to the research/IA is just a suggestion for future research/experimentation based on your limitations. However, I'm hearing something different about the Maths IA which is really driving me crazy. There's a word going around that an extension in SL maths is where you conduct further calculations or apply what you have already found for something else, but if I were to do this, my page limit will definitely go beyond 12 pages. Can someone please clarify this for me? Am I being oblivious or is this just a stupid rumour?

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While "extension" is not an official word using by IB in the Math SL IA, the exploration is meant to be beyond calculations presented matter of fact. When you engage with your exploration, you will likely make connections to other pieces of math or daily life. This is similar to how you make connections when you read or watch a movie. IB wants to see this evidence of this level of engagement, which may or may not be additional calculations of applying this math in a different scenario. I do think the criterion "personal engagement" match most closely to what you have described. As long as you are not writing the IA as a recipe but adding your own voice to make the ideas flow smoothly, there would likely be enough to score well in that criterion.

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