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Scared about use of Free Plagiarism Checkers

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For my math IA, I used another IA (who graduated in may 2017 and gave it to me as a sample, so its not like you can find it online) to write mine, I didnt copy anything, not text not diagrams, nothing word-for-word, but I followed the same format and also have very similar math (but again I used my own data and personal engagement etc etc.). I cited the math IA in my bibliography. I'm not scared about this being a problem. Fact is that I had earlier drafts where I was quite a lot more naive where I really paraphrased parts (not very good), used a diagram from the other IA, and just in general wasn't very careful. I don't have this version anymore, but I do know I put it through a bunch of "FREE" plagiarism checkers in January, which is kinda stupid cause I realized they sell them, publish them on websites, etc. I can't track which ones I used specifically either. So WHAT IF someday one of my old versions were to pop up somewhere, and IB, for example, re-grades my IA or something, could they make a case: here your IA is like this very similar, and your final copy you were able to be this because you were academically dishonest hence no grade awarded etc. etc.                 I might come across paranoia and I know the chance of this all happening is slim blablbala, but can someone tell me who knows his **** if this could technically happen. 

Thank you

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