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Visual Arts HL vs Film HL; which is better for animation?

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I really want to  become an animator, but I don't know whether to pick Film HL or Visual Arts HL. I've just finished my IGCSE's and I did art, so I've already had the  chance of developing my art skills, while I don't know much about film. I know film would be useful in animation. I just don't know to what extent and whether it would be worth not picking art, which I love.

I would appreciate any advice, thanks.


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I have a friend that is in film and I think that if you want to be an animator you should definitely choose film. It’s not very hard, i have another friend that is going to choose film for the first time and she doesn’t know anything but everyone who is in film says it’s not a very big deal learning how to use apps and programs. For example, I will be choosing art in HL and my previous teacher says that if you are going to choose art it’s because you really really like it and are willing to put a lot of effort into it. I have seen other people who choose art and hate all the things that they have to do so my advice is that as I already said; if you want to be an  animator then go for film but if you feel a very  big passion for art then go for art.

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