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Is this fine for my TOK presentation?

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My RLS involves the exploration of languages. For instance, I realized that in a computer language (programming language), there is one thing that always performs the same task. But in an actual language (the ones we speak in), what you say means something different depending on the context, tone, and emotions.

I could also possible connect this to how in scientific development, some language have certain standards, like all animal species' scientific names are the same regardless of the language spoken in.

The areas of knowledge I could use are the mathematics, natural sciences, and human sciences. The ways of knowing I could use are language (of course), emotion, and maybe sense perception and emotion. 

So is this fine for my TOK presentation? Is there possible any way I could shape the RLS better to make it have more TOK aspects?

Help is always appreciated! I currently have a few holidays and my TOK teacher doesn't reply to any emails, similar to most teachers in my school!

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