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Choosing A Charity For My IA

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So I want to do my IA on a charity, but am unsure whether that's actually permitted under the IB guideline. Does a charity count as a valid organisation when it comes to IAs?

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Technically, a charity is still an organisation, it's just not-for-profit. Hence, you wouldn't need to do your IA on a for-profit business. In any case, it is better to be safe than sorry. Ask your B&M teacher about your charity, and if he/she would recommend doing it even if permitted. If your teacher isn't sure, or you still don't feel reassured by his/her answer, go talk to your IB coordinator. Unless the IB guideline specifically says you cannot do a charity, or that you must choose a business, then chances are you are allowed to do it. But check with your teacher and coordinator to be sure.

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