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Hi so I have decided to write my extended essay on the world studies topic of Chinese traditional medicine. However now that I have chosen this topic, I am not sure where to go next. I wanted my research question to be something a long the lines of "to what extent is chinese traditional medicine effective...". I wanted to answer this by comparing the treatment and its results for chinese traditional medicine with those of western medicine for a particular disease, however I am finding the research for a particular disease to be quite hard. Do you think I should continue to research for a disease or should I scrap that idea and write the essay to be more along the lines of the history and concepts behind chinese traditional medicine and how it came to be? or is that to broad and generic?

I am really lost so if anyone has written their ee on chinese medicine, can you send let me know what you wrote yours about?

Also if anyone knows any good sources regarding chinese medicine and/or alternate medicine, please inform me!



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Your topic is quite interesting, however, if finding research is hard perhaps you should try something else. The thing about world studies topics is that they have to have global significance and local significance while writing in perspective of two subjects. So that would mean you would have to narrow your topic and research question. So even if you change your topic be mindful of that. If you do your back up topic maybe look into how the evolution of Chinese medicine has influenced the development of a widely used medicine, and connect this to a local issue ( like an outbreak in a particular country)? These are just ideas that I'm just bouncing off. Up to you :)

For whatever topic you choose make sure you have ample research so that as you research you narrow down on your topic that way. But if you really want to stick to your current topic try other research methods such as books and such? Bottom line is that if you cant, then try your 2nd  topic because you can narrow down on that (because you have to be really specific in your research question).

I rambled. 

Also this might help to gain some perspective on world studies EEs: 



Good luck :D 

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