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The right books for IBDP

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Since the past few weeks I’ve been searching for the best IBDP textbooks for Physics(hl),maths(hl), comp science(hl) , eco , fre and chem. Please suggest some good textbooks for the IBDP course.

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For chemistry, I really liked the Oxford book when I took my exams. It's really good for the core, but it lacks a bit in the options department. For this I recommend Hodder books, and the options for chemistry are actually free to access on their website, so it's the best of both worlds!

For Maths HL, I recommend the Cambridge book (however it has some mistakes in it, and therefore isn't idea for self-studying). Additionally, the Cambridge book has an additional "worked solutions" textbook for each chapter, which is really helpful when you're stuck. 

Can't comment on the other subjects as I didn't take them. 

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Bowen Jones Homer
For HL Physics I recommend you OXFORD books of author" Bowen Jones Homer". Its really good for concept clarity. And for HL Chemistry you can follow "Hodder Education " publication books because they also have practice papers along with solution which are explained in details.
For other subjects follow the link here you can find a list of lot of books and you also can also download it - IB BOOKS.
Here you can also find books for other subjects you have mentioned above.
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