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Ib entrance

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9 hours ago, Karthi said:


I am new to canada. I want my daughter to study I an IB school.can anyone please advise me what should I do for entrance exams.


Thank you.

Would you mind clarifying what you mean? In general, schools that offer the IB Diploma have a few general requirements. For example, your daughter has to have performed well academically in subjects she wants to take as HL (or subjects related to that HL). IB schools usually look for students who have good grades, but your daughter doesn't have to be top of the class. She needs to be competent in her studies, especially at English and Maths, since most entrance exams check for Maths and English skills. Some schools don't have entrance exams at all. You should check with the school(s) you are thinking of sending your daughter to and check their admissions process. You can usually find it on their website, and if you cannot or need more guidance just contact the school directly.

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