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I am doing my EE in languages and literature. My research question so far is;

How does rupi kaur discuss sexual assault and the female voice through poetry in her works; milk and honey, and the sun and her flowers?

I wanted to write an extended essay surrounding poetry that dealt with sexual assault and the female voice (don't really know how to put it, but I mean how woman are portrayed through the media etc) through a feministic eye. Rupi Kaur is very modern and I thought she would be interesting to look at since her work has gotten a lot of attention and I watched her Ted talk and it was amazing. I'm having such a hard time getting started and I've been trying for weeks. Idk if I should choose someone to compare her work to but my advisor told me I could just focus on her if I wanted to, will that score well? I've tried doing an outline and have read many articles about the metoo movement and the portrayal of woman as objects in media. Im having such a hard time and need help!!!!


a stressed out IB girl 

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You should try to get a proper meeting with your adviser where you can discuss your questions properly. A lot of advisers don't dedicate enough time for student guidance, but your adviser should be your first and most important source of help for your EE. Meet with him/her and try to get all your concerns answered. If you still need help, you could find literature EEs online and see how they approached their work. Keep in mind that there's no right or wrong answer to how you structure or approach your question, so don't copy a past EE, just get inspiration from it. In the end, you should write whatever feels right for you - it will then be easier and less confusing to write for you. Also, if you change your mind as you are writing your EE and want to start all over in a completely different manner, then do so. It's okay to edit and change your EE, as you may not get it right the first time. 

Good luck!

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