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So I was in a French school my entire life but decided to study the IB program because I want to apply to colleges like Harvard etc. and I thought the IB is better for that. I started this past school year Pre-IB class (grade 10) and dropped out 3 months later and went back to the French school which I will stay in till I graduate in June 2020. I dropped out because it was hard to get good grades as I don't know any of the math and science terms in English. (Also for those of you who don't know, the French high school system is just as hard or even harder than the IB)

Ps. I have very high grades at the French school.

Will I have to mention this in my college applications? If yes, how will top colleges interpret that?

Will it affect my college applications in any way?

At least, I'll be taking the SAT in May. (I'm preparing)

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It wouldn't affect your application because i) it is only grade 10 ii) school knows that IB is not the only way for admission.

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