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Need serious help

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Hey guys, so my ibdp program started today and I came to know  a little about the program. The problem is I wanna pursue space and my career and I need to take Computer science and chemistry as far as I know. What I have thought and that 
HL- maths, computer science, physics 

Sl- French, English, Chemistry, Economics

the teachers are asking me only to take 6 subjects cuz it would be a burden. So how do I contact universities fast and who do I ask and what do I drop?????

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It depends what you want to study mate.

After you decide that, you can take a look at the uni requirements for the subject and adjust accordingly.


Best of luck

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For the IB diploma, you need six courses with at least one in each of groups 1 through 5. It looks like you are taking the option of multiple group 4s (natural sciences). Pursuing space you definitely needs math and physics. As far as I know, no school asks for comp sci. Only about 4% of students take it. IB CS goes way beyond basic programming and goes in some detail about structure and other topics. Most undergraduate programs do not assume prior knowledge of CS. Even if you need programming for space, usually just learning basic procedure-oriented programming for a month over the summer is more than enough. 

A lot of students at my school take CS in addition to diploma, but those student already know programming from grades 9 and 10. Your school definitely has reasons to restrict to 6 courses if the school really only spend 2 years to cover the entire diploma. If you are dropping one of the HLs, I recommend taking either English or Chemistry as HL. Those two are the most useful and may allow you to skip English or Chem in university. 

However, it is your responsibility to verify that whatever you pick are enough for all schools you are applying to. I don't want you to chase me a year later because some school for some reason needs the course you are to drop. Just check now and be sure. 

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