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Prior Knowledge For Physics HL

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Hey IB fellows,

I will be beginning IB the next school year(after this summer), and have learned a lot about the IB and its benefits.

I will be taking the Physics course at a higher level hoping to score a 7 at it, but i wanted to take your advice as to how to prepare for it in the summer. I do not want to study chapters of it, since it will be wasting my time, i would like to know what prior knowledge can i learn this summer to prepare me very well for physics at HL. Perhaps basic physics or basic information about certain topics, i do not know, and that's why i am asking you, former HL students to help me achieve the best score and prepare well for it in this summer. 




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On 7/30/2018 at 1:26 PM, Lord of the Pickles said:

You don't need any background knowledge for any IB subject, especially not for physics. They will start off at a very basic level and move on from there. Just enjoy your summer :) 

Yes, you are not required to know anything prior to taking physics. I do think that if you learn some vectors it might help you throughout the course. But don't worry too much.

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