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Advice on English B HL

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Hey fellow IB students,

I will be starting my First year of the IB next year(after this summer), and was wondering if you could help me with some advice on English B at HL and how i can prepare for it while im in the summer. 

How should i study?

Recommend any books? 

Any Prior i can learn this summer to help me achieve a level 7 at English B HL?  



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Read through the English B guide .. any that is available, so that you know what is required during the two years. You can't really prepare for your classes yet, unless your teacher has given you the syllabus. If she has already given you the syllabus, then just read through your assigned literary works. 

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In my opinion the syllabus doesn't mean much in language B. You will need to know how to effectively communicate with English, so immersing yourself in the language for some time regularly should do the trick. You typically don't "study" in the traditional manner of reading textbooks and doing practice questions/essays. Watch, and read whatever English books, shows, and movies are currently popular.

Aside from that it would be helpful to review the rubric for the written portion of the exam. 

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