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Body Structure of the essay

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Hi! I have a doubt about the "narrative" of the essay. My research is about the effectivity of the Sanger method used in the Human Genome Project, and my RQ is this one: "To what extent proved the Sanger Method useful compared to the methodology used by Celera Genomics?. I started writing the body of the essay, and wanted to give context to the topic (this is, talking about how the project came to be, who got involved in it, when did Celera appear), also, since it's a biology-focused essay, I need to explain most of the biological terms used. I don't want the essay to fall into the "narrative" style, but I feel it is necessary to give context, and it is therefore narrated in the past tense. It took me approximately 2 pages. Should I omit the historical introduction (which gives a background for the reason the Sanger method was chosen) and start directly by explaining the methodology and exposing the arguments, etc., or should I leave it? In my opinion, it gives a natural flow in the beginning, since I'm talking about an event in the past 

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I feel that the historical introduction may be useful. I suggest that you leave it as is and look to revise when you have a draft. It could be fruitful to write 5000 ish words then cut to 4000. You may need to space out the definitions, if applicable and rearrange some of the intro into the main body. If your subject is biology, then you can assume that the reader has at least HL competency and that may save you from overexplaining some definitions.

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