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IB subject selection help

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Hi, I’m going to start IB next month and I need all the advice I can get from my seniors, especially regarding the subjects I’ll be taking up. Note: none of the subjects are fixed, I may change them later 

Group 1: English A SL

Group 2: German or French ab initio SL (which one should I take up?)

Group 3: History SL

Group 4: Physics HL

Group 5: Maths HL

Group 6: Computer science HL or Chemistry HL (which one should I take up??)

What I’ll be studying in university/undergrad: Computer science OR Computer engineering. Please advice me on my subjects, and what I can do to prepare myself in the month before I start IB. Thanks.

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Hi, welcome to the IB..

Since you want to study Computer Science/Engineering in university, it would be better for you to take Computer Science HL, but it doesn't really make a big difference in terms of how likely you will be accepted into a university. You can use it as a chance to get a feel for the course and see if you really enjoy it.

As for your ab initio language, do you have any background/previous study in either language? If so, choose that one. If not, choose the one you find more appealing. Both are very useful languages: French is spoken in several countries and German is always good for high-end business. They are both quite tricky to learn, but whichever you choose will be the right choice.

Your other subjects look fine to me. Physics and Maths HL will be very useful for your undergrad course. As for advice on how to prepare yourself for the IB, you could always attend a Pre-IB course, or just do some research online about how the IB works (learn about CAS, TOK, IAs, etc.). Apart from that, don't worry too much about actual studying. You can refresh your maths skills by going through your previous years' notes and doing some practice questions. Email your teachers and ask if there's something you should be doing or preparing (e.g. reading a book over summer for English A). Follow their advice. The most important thing is to rest and relax before the two years of IB begin.

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