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Calculating GPA?

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Hello people, I'm a Canadian student who is thinking of applying to US universities for 2019 years.

So, I started filling out my application and in CommonApp, there is this section where you have to put your GPA, class ranking, GPA scale and more. This got me few questions:


1. Do I have to ask my counselor for my GPA?

2. I want to calculate my GPA by myself so I can determine my safety and reach school. According to my knowledge, US high schools have four years, right? but in my region, we only have three years. In this case, should I use my grade 9 grade from junior high school to calculate my GPA?

3. If 2. is yes, my junior high school gave students grade out of 4. 4 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. and it's nothing like GPA, since there is only four categories- 1, 2, 3, or 4. Also, we didn't receive a grade for each course. Instead, there was three categories under each course, which is graded as the way I explained. In this case, how should I calculate my GPA?


I tried to google it but I wasn't able to find any good answers there. It'd be greatly appreciated if anyone can resolve my confusion :) 


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I cant remember if I put a 0 for GPA or made one up. I think you should ask your counsellor. Universities know for international students the concept of GPA may not be applicable and they will not fuss too much.

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