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Am I making a mistake?

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I'm starting the DP in a few weeks, and made the lazy mistake of picking my courses without giving it much thought, not realizing how important it was. Currently the subjects I'm taking are:

History HL, Biology HL, English language and literature HL

Visual arts SL, Danish literature A SL,  Maths studies

So because I tend to overthink, I've started to worry that these courses aren't  "competetive" enough. At IGCSE I was quite a competent student (but we'll see how the DP knocks that out of me :/ ) so I will (hopefully) be aiming for a pretty good university.  I've been looking into doing something like history, english literature, or international relations at a uni like King's college london or Edinburgh university. 

But I've realized that I've picked a lot of "soft" subjects like art and maths studies. I was thinking about lowering my biology to SL and raising the Danish to HL, as I was thinking maybe that was a better combination for a humanities degree. But would universities be put off by one of my HL subjects being a kinda obscure language like danish? Or would they be put off that I only have science subjects on SL, and then only maths studies?

On the other hand, I've been considering changing my English language and literature to purely English literature. What are people's thoughts on that regarding my uni/uni courses?

As you can see, I'm a bit overwhelmed by the choices and would really just be grateful for anybody's insight at all 😅

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I think for the degree you want, you've chosen the right subjects. The UK will like that you have English A HL, and from my experience, Lang and Lit is a fascinating subject. If you can score well in that, you'll demonstrate a good level of English. Plus, for history/international relations, History HL is a really good idea since it gives you a lot of the skills you need for a social sciences degree.

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1 hour ago, Bravado said:

Thank you so much, this made me feel a lot better! Hopefully it'll all work out - assuming IB doesn't kill me first.

Haha, no worries! I feel you - I'm bracing myself for the oncoming storm of IB2! Best of luck with your subjects! :D 

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I think the first thing you should do is check the universities' entry requirements for the course you want. 

As far as I know, competitive universities won't accept you if you do math studies, and they usually require either math or a Science at higher level. I've also heard that history HL is a very complicated course, so the fact that you are doing that and bio HL is good.

About visual arts, I wouldn't worry too much because it's standard level (unless you want to study visual arts at university, then you should probably switch to hl).

Wish you the best of luck with your subjects

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