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EE Research Question Problems

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Hey everyone,

I've just started working on my EE or perhaps I should say that I have just started planning what it is I am to write. I have decided to write my EE in English A LaL, and I thought it would be interesting to read and write about George Orwell's 1984 as I hadn't read it before and it is a very famous book. My supervisor has approved of my choice and I have done much research but I don't seem to be able to start writing since I am unable to narrow down my RQ. As I am writing this EE for my English course, I thought it would be a good idea to investigate the importance of language within the society Orwell creates in his novel. The whole concept of Newspeak, Oldspeak, thoughtcrime, totalitarianism and loss of free will seem to be intertwined with language. I've narrowed it down to wanting to discuss the power of language, both as a tool of Big Brother to control the masses, brainwash the population and limit "heretical thought" (thoughtcrime), and as a force of rebellion, as seen by Winston and his diary and the props whom are considered too weak to be a threat but nonetheless are the only ones that escape Big Brother's mass mind control. 

I have spent weeks trying to come up with something more narrow and specific, so that I can finally get going, but so far I am still stuck and with deadlines coming up, I must say that the stress isn't helping. 

Perhaps some of you could share some tips based on your EE experience (although I have read many posts already to try and get inspired) and maybe some of you erudite would have some tips for my particular topic and question? I appreciate it if anyone can give me any type of help and sorry to bother you all haha.


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Hi Loïk, 

(Pardon for my English, it's not that I don't know how to write, it's simply that Spaniards are not too big on languages)

As I didn't read Orwell's 1984, maybe I am not the most suitable person to reply you, but I got 32 points out of 34 on my Literature EE so...

Coming up with a RQ is the hardest thing as regards the EE, I personally rushed a lot until I narrowed it down. 

I will go with the basics and then with the most important thing.

Make sure that your RQ...
-is very specific.  
- taylors the criteria in every aspect
- can be turned into a title (you have to include title and RQ)
- you have bibliography that can answer
 DIRECTLY the RQ (this is the most difficult step) 

So... I you don't what to do, go for this wild card... It won't let you down: 

'Find how X (e.g. 20th Century's consequences of totalitarism) is portrayed in Y (narration, secondary characters, structure, dialogues...)'

My experience: 
1. I decided X because I didn't know where I could find Y: dialogues, structure...? I simply didn't know.
2. I had a preliminary RQ where Y was the book itself. I wrote the essay with that RQ.
3. Once the EE was finished, I read it, analysed it and found Y: I had focused on the dialogues. YOU WON'T COME UP WITH THE PERFECT QUESTION UNTIL YOUR HAVE YOUR EE FINISHED, because the RQ is a photo of the EE. How could you do a perfect photo of something that you haven't seen yet?

FINAL TIP: Don't worry too much if your question seems too long. Mine had 21 words.

Hope this helps! If you feel like contacting me, don't think it twice! I'm willing to help and meet people right know...

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Hey clauiblovelanguages

Thanks a lot for your reply! I appreciate that you took the time to read my initial comment and that you managed to give me a very good answer! From what I understand, I shouldn't be worrying much about the research question just yet. I have my topic and I guess I must just start writing what I think this includes and along the way I will get be inspired for my RQ. I really like your template RQ, it has given me a lot of ideas.

Thank you for your help, and since you kindly offered further help, I might get back on this thread when I get lost again (lol). 32 out of 34 is outstanding, congratulations!


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