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ūüĎčIB alumnus can help you FOR FREE! As long as you speak good English. (Or French... Or German!)

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...You want to hear from an IB alumnus...

...and I just got my diploma (May 2018)...

...I think that we can do simbiosis and be friends! Contact me and we can communicate the way you want (phone, video chat, text messages...) ;) I want to practice my English (advanced), mon Français (upper intermediate) und mein Deutsch  (pre-intermediate) speaking skills... I already speak fluently (not so fluently in German) and won't confuse you. I WON'T ASK FOR MONEY OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT, I PROMISE.


A bit about IB and me:

-I did the IB as a little complement to the Spanish homologue studies (and a lot of more things). Hence, my marks are not at the top; but my academic achievement was really good and I spent LONG HOURS rumbling through IB's bureaucracy.

-My HL's: Spanish A Literature, Business Management and History. (Hey, got a 6 in all of them, I can help you!) 

-My SL's: English B (got almost a 7, can help you with this one too); Math, Environmental Systems and Societies.

-I did the EE on Spanish Literature. Got an A!! (32/34) :)

-Got a B in TOK, but our presentation was great. I can broaden your mind.

-My CAS diary was the best of my year according to teachers!! I can give you lots of CAS ideas!! 

Hope to get a response¬†from you! Send me a private message! ūüėĄ

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