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Confused about: Health and Development - World Studies

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Hi, I have been researching about the EE subjects and I am particularly interested in the health and development category under world studies as I plan to go into health related careers. However, I am a little confused as to what the criteria regarding this subject is. 

My initial idea was to write about Chinese traditional medicine or more specifically, acupuncture. However, after reading some websites regarding what a world studies essay entails, I am a little confused. I understand that for world studies, I need to focus in on a global issue? and that I need to consider multiple disciplines?  So does traditional medicine not work as a topic? or is there a way for me to manipulate it so that it does work? 

Also, if anyone could just give me some general topic ideas of what a health and development essay could look like, that would be greatly appreciated. That way, I can get a better understanding of what my essay is supposed to look like and what direction to take it in lol :)

I'm sorry I ranted. Thanks in advance for any help!!

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I didn't take World Studies but I think that I can lend a helping hand.

If global issues in World Studies means the same as in English B, traditional medicine is not strictly considered a global issue. (See the photo attached). However, I think that your knowldge on traditional Chinese medicine should allow you to relate it to an specific global issue. 

As regards disciplines, I understand that, as in TOK happens, you have to explore your topic from a range of different perspectives (here called disciplines). E.g. medicine and philosophy? 

Well I would recommend you to learn about what does World Studies exactly mean by global issues, as well as disciplines (because it can vary between subjects.)

Hope that helps and good luck! :)  


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