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HELP: World Studies EE on Social Mobility

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Hi... I plan to write this EE under the theme Equality and Inequality. I was wondering whether this RQ would provide enough scope to write 4000 essay: To what extent have the Singaporean government subsidies for education and housing improved social and spatial mobility in Singapore? I was thinking of comparing data from two government datasets to determine whether the policies have been successful in the past decade. Moreover, I was thinking of mapping the data to show the difference in access to good schools or housing and how they impact development in the areas with less access. Would such a topic be suitable? Would I require primary research? Please help!!!

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Hey! I think that RQ sounds fantastic! 4000 words is not that many and you seem to have lots of ideas of how to run with it. If you need to get more data you could do your own research and perform interviews or physical research which always helps taking up words (methods section!) and shows your personal engagement with the subject. Mapping the data is a great idea and shows real higher level thinking. I don't think you necessarily require primary research but it is always good to include it if you think it will add value to your extended essay. If you need any more help let me know - I did my EE in Geography and got full marks and this sounds pretty Geographical! 

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