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HL Econ or HL Psych

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My HL's are Math and Physics, and my SL's are mandarin and lang& lit

Math and physics will be difficult but I'm hoping to pull out 6's, however should which should I take at HL Psych or Econ.

I know they're both considered easier but which one would be the easiest with my other HL classes

Side not I do find psych more interesting but I am also quite bad at writing essays

Please let me know which at HL I should take and which at SL 



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Hi! I would highly advise you to do whichever you think you will enjoy more! HL Econ is much more math-y and could fit a little better with your other higher levels but don't stress too much about it - you can always start with one combination of subjects and then change during your first term :)

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