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At my school there aren't a lot of HL or SL courses and there aren't a lot of kids attending either. They only have there courses.

HL Language A Language and Literature (English)
SL Language B French
HL History
HL Biology or HL Chemistry
SL Mathematics
SL Visual Arts or SL Biology or SL Physics
Will there be more courses? because I'm unsatisfied with my variety/choices

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That is quite interesting, because I am from YRDSB and I am going into Maple H.S which is one of the schools that has a complete lack of courses (and has the same exact courses to choose from as you). My IB coordinator said unless there was a large interest from people, they wouldn't add the courses. These include subjects such as math and physics at HL, economics (SL/HL) and other courses like computer science for example. So, you can try to get a bunch of students to petition for more courses I suppose. Good luck!

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Just wanted to add a conclusionary statement.

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