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Help with organization

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Hi, so I will be starting ib in like 1 week and i still can’t decide on how to organize for it. My subjects are:

Art HL, English lit HL, Psychology HL

Spanish lit SL, Math SL, Biology SL

I have thought of two ways: first, to use a binder with dividers to organize all of my notes and papers (to carry it with me at all times) , and having separate binders for each subject at  home where I could store the notes and papers that we are no longer using (as well as making my backpack light). The second option that I have Is to buy a 5 subject notebook and have a folder for guides or papers that teachers give us, however I am worried that the pages will not be enough and everything would be disorganized on the end.

the option that i like the most is the binder one, so I need tips on how to organize it

Also, did your teachers asked you to have a single notebook for your subjects (I don’t know who my teachers are) or did they ask for your notebook to grade things?

And if you have any other tips for me, feel free to add them



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