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Math IA with Music

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Hello guys!

I just joined IB survival because all of these IA's that we have to do are going to blow up my reaming brain cells. I am okay finding topics for all my other classes but I am really struggling with math.

I was thinking of doing something with sine waves and music. Maybe translating a 2-4 songs into sine waves and exploring their similarities and differences but I am missing out the exploring part, where I am suppose to be answering a question. I don't know how to make even my starter idea somewhat interesting. I really need you guy's help :(

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The main points of IA are twofold: if there is something in math you are good at but might not able to showcase yourself in the exams, you can talk about it in IA; examiners want to see you explain and investigate something you are interested in, so you are not just mechanically doing math problems.

The advanced way to isolate frequencies is using Fourier transform, which is way beyond SL. I think you should start by exploring a math concept, then apply it to music if necessary. For example I wrote my 5-page HL IA on relationship between binomial and normal distributions, without going into any applications. Otherwise, the math may be too complicated. For example, how you approaching your topic to construct sine waves? 

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