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Math HL Question that I cannot solve

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1 minute ago, Yusuke said:

1020471743_2018-08-0815_39_42.png.ef4f3a39be4b3492b3dfdca8a5755c1d.png  CAN SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO DO THIS!!!!!!!!

They tell you it's a geometric sequence, so U2/U1 = r, where U2 is the second term of the sequecne and U1 is the first term of the sequence. Likewise, U3/U2 = r. Set up those two equations, solve for 'a', and they seem to hint you'd find 2 values of 'a' leading to two different 'r' values. 

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Thank you. I realized that my first answer that I thought was wrong was actually correct!!!!

From next time, I have to look at the answer very carefully😂

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