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EE Topic - Continue or Change?

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Hey guys! I'm having a bit of trouble with my EE and am unsure if I should continue with my topic. 

Topic: Architecture and Mental Health

Research Question: To what extent does the design of a behavioural health facility aid in the recovery of inpatients? 

I thought this might fit in a World Studies EE under Health and Development, combining Art and Psychology, but am now not so sure I should continue with this topic for a few reasons:

  • The World Studies EE requires me to "apply to local context" and I don't know how to?
  • I don't take Art or Psychology (but am quite well-versed in art and have a teacher I can consult)
  • My actual mentor is an English teacher??
  • Most of the resources I've found don't talk about facility design in an artistic way? 
    • I expected more "these colours/patterns do this to people" but they talk more about the organizational structure of health facilities --> don't know if it's still "art-related"

Honestly I just really want to know, in your opinion,

  • Is it doable and can I achieve a high mark?
  • Would it be advisable to use these two subject areas if I am not actually taking the courses + have a mentor that seems not to know anything
  • Does my topic still fall under the Art category if I am not talking specifically about artistic elements, but about the organizational design? 

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