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Help/Advice Needed !! Biology Data Amount

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Hi Everyone !

i misunderstood the standard level bio IA instructions for the amount of data points. 

It turns out you are just supposed to do 250 data points for each variable.

i have 5 variables of course, and my ia is testing the length of grass seeds in different vitamin-soil mixtures.

so I misunderstood everything and I did 250 data points for each variable, so all together I have a 1,000 data points. For example I tested Vitamin C, in 5 trials, with 50 data points per trial. So all together 250 points for one variable. The 50 points per trial were measuring the length of 50 grass seeds.

now my teacher isn’t replying. I did all my data, and processed data like standard deviation and averages.

please help. I have no idea what to do. I put all the raw data in the appendix. And all the processed data (averages of each trial) I put in the actual lab report.

what should I do ? I’m not going to go over the 12 page limit. Can graders penalize me ?? 

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